Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cassandra's Dream

Guy 1: There are a lot of reasons to get excited about this movie.

Guy 2: It has all the formula for success.

Guy 1: Credible cast, award winning writer/director...

Guy 2: Woody's at the age where he wants to push the envelope. Zelig, Deconstructing Harry and Crimes and Misdemeanors proves that when he is on the edge we remember Woody Allen's genuius.

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27 Dresses

Guy 1: I'll give you 127 reasons not to see this movie.

Guy 2: 27 of them is enough.

Guy 1: What happened to Ed Burns? He was an up and coming talent writing, directing, and starring in The Brothers McMullen and Sidewalks of New York. And let's not forget starring alongside Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan.

Guy 2: He got married.

Mad Money

Guy 1: Mad, Bad, Fad...

Guy 2: Sad, Cad, Glad to see it bomb.

The Bucket List

Guy 1: Fill the bucket full of money.

Guy 2: Never too old to sell out.

Movie Preview: Hellboy 2

Guy 1: Guillermo del Toro is the new fantasy-horror king.

Guy 2: Agreed.

Guy 1: He's done Pan's Labyrinth, Mimic, and Devil's Backbone.

Guy 2: All soon to be classics. He's a renaissance man - he's into make-up and special effects wizard, talented illustrator, and a phenomenal eye.

Guy 1: Yeah, he's done a hell of a job.

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